Land Ahoy!

Yesterday we were due to dock at Port Stanley in the Falklands but because of the storm the captain announced that we would not have time as we were already running a day behind schedule. The seas towards the islands were rougher so he decided to keep us close to the land. Although we were… Continue reading Land Ahoy!

Storms at Sea

We left Montevideo port on Saturday night and started our journey towards the Falklands. We were told the water would be choppy but we were not quite prepared for what happened. At about 10am we met for some breakfast and already we could feel a lot of movement in the boat. Me, Em and Chalkie… Continue reading Storms at Sea

Kwells all round!

As predicted me and Paul did not make it to badminton this morning but Emma and Chalkie did. The wind was really strong so they had to resort to playing tennis as the shuttlecock kept blowing away! The wind caused the boat to be quite rocky and the swimming pool was going mental; it was… Continue reading Kwells all round!

Poker and Cabaret

Although we had quite a few drinks last night, I didn’t sleep too well as I could really feel the movement of the boat and our room panels were creaking! This was excuse enough to stay in bed until midday :). We went up to the buffet and had some lunch, Paul and Chalkie had… Continue reading Poker and Cabaret