All the Daves!

I couldn’t write all these posts and not mention the Daves! It all started in San Diego where one of us pointed at a pigeon and said “look there’s Dave the pigeon”. After that, every animal we saw became a Dave. Dave the dog, Dave the squirrel, Dave the bird, then lots of Dave the… Continue reading All the Daves!

Carmel Valley Ranch

We flew from Honolulu to San Jose on Saturday afternoon, we picked up our hire car and drove an hour and a half to Carmel Valley Ranch. It’s so beautiful here, a welcome calmness after the busyness of the cruise. It reminds me of Center Parcs; there are huge trees, amazing views of rolling green… Continue reading Carmel Valley Ranch

Last Stop Kauai

Kauai is the last Hawaiian island we are stopping at on the cruise. There was a lot of wind on the overnight journey here, which meant the sea was quite rough and I didn’t sleep well. The last time we did the cruise, Kauai was my favourite island, but by the time we got here… Continue reading Last Stop Kauai

Whale watching in Maui

This afternoon we went to the Maui Ocean Centre, an aquarium right next to the whale watching. We saw some turtles, sharks and a really amazing 3D dome cinema of hump back whales.  After we went on the whale watching catamaran. We were very lucky as there were a group of about six whales really… Continue reading Whale watching in Maui

Maui cat cafe

This morning we went into Maui to visit the cat cafe. There were about eight cats that have been rescued and are now being cared for at the sanctuary. My favourite was Blu, a white and brown Burmese looking cat who was about six months old, she was really playful. There was also Bobbie, Tiramasu,… Continue reading Maui cat cafe

NLC Pride of America

Today is cruise day, we are island hopping from O’ahu to Maui, to The Big Island, to Kawai for the next seven days. We boarded the ship about 11:30am and had some lunch in Cagney’s.