A trip to a Quinta

A few days ago the builder at work (Gerrado) offered to take us to his Quinta in San Lorenzo, we had originally arranged it for this morning and thought we were getting the morning off! However yesterday they changed their minds and decided they wanted us on the building site so we rescheduled for 1pm instead. Work was ok today, the others were a little fuzzy headed after last night and told us some funny stories about when they got home drunk and tried to communicate with their families! We started laying the bricks and our jobs involved sieving the dirt, making the cement and filling the holes of the bricks with the cement and flattening it off.

We left work about 1.15pm to go to San Lorenzo. Gerrado only had 4 spaces in his truck so Marta (the girl we’re building the house for) also came and took Mum and Dad. Half way there we noticed Marta had not been behind us for a while so we turned round to make sure they were ok. Unfortunately a young German guy had gone into the back of her car, it was at quite a slow pace and nobody was hurt but Marta was a little shaken up. We stayed with them and waited for the police then Marta’s neighbour turned up and offered to take Mum and Dad the rest of the way.

When he said a Quinta in the countryside we imagined a beautiful country house with animals on the farm and views over the hills. When we arrived he took us to a beautiful plot of land with palm and lime trees and a river running past. He said he went there every weekend and for vacations. However there is no lovely country house as yet, he camps there! When we realised we had travelled for 2 hours to see some grass we looked at each other in confusion and me and Emma had a fit of giggles. He is a very sweet man but it was quite a journey just to see some land and we were all really tired.

We got back to Rosa’s house about 6.30pm and Kennya had prepared dinner for us. Rosa has been taken to hospital as they think she might have flu but we will find out more tomorrow. Paul bought some skateboards yesterday so him Brandon and Kennya played outside for a while. Now it is 8.45pm and we are off to bed. One more get up, woohoo!

















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  1. Hahahaha, I can just imagine both of your faces when you got to the grass.

    Love the updates, cant believe how hard you are all working.

    Chalkie’s shoes are killing me, they are hilarious.


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