Snorkelling in Kealakekua Bay

Today we are in Kona, on the southern side of the big island. There is no port so we had to anchor and get the tender boats to the shore. We booked onto a snorkelling trip to Kealakekua bay which apparently was the inspiration behind the reef and fish species in Finding Nemo. The catamaran was very rocky and took about an hour, which Jess and I weren’t over the moon about. However, once we got there it was really beautiful.

Summie enjoyed the snorkelling and chasing the fish around the coral, it was so clear, Jess and Paul spotted a group of dolphins but they darted off before I could see. On the way back we saw the volcanic rock face then was the inspiration for Te Ka in the film Moana, the giant burning rock face that turned into Tefiti.

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