Mum and Dad buy another holiday home

We tried to talk them out of it but Mum and Dad have fallen in love with Costa Rica so much that today they put a deposit down on a house. It’s only a small plot but Mum said she loves little yellow houses and they just had to have it. Obviously we don’t mind because it means we can come out and stay here but we couldn’t believe it when they came back and told us.

We spent yesterday by the pool again not doing very much at all, the boys went off jet skiing in the afternoon but us girls just wanted to do nothing! In the evening we went out for dinner to a BBQ grill down the road but again we were all tired so had another early night.

Mum and Dad went off into town this morning while the rest of us stayed at the hotel and enjoyed the sunshine. Manuel Antonio has a national park with beautiful beaches inside so this afternoon we ventured out to have a look. The weather was so hot today, it must have been close to 40 degrees so you had to stay in the shade at all times. We bought our park entry tickets then walked for about 20 minutes to the beach. It was beautiful, completely natural, nothing man made at all, not even a drinks stand. It was in a cove shape with palm trees and plants all around, the water was the perfect temperature and there was shade from the trees to sit under. We spent a couple of hours there then went back the the pool at the hotel to cool down.

This evening we went to an Italian restaurant called Victorias, most of us had pizza and it was really nice food. I can’t believe how tired we all are at the moment, it must be the work from last week as we were in bed by 10pm again!














  1. Why do I not believe this when it was posted on Aprils Fool’s Day?! I hope Debs was trying to trick everyone like she normally does xx

  2. Glad to see you are all look nice and relaxed now, but we’re very suprised that
    Deb and Chris are thinking of buying another house, thought you would have
    learned your lesson after St Lucia, keep your money in your pocket! mind you
    another house might be handy, because I was at your house yesterday and
    there were six Lumleys out side who didn’t have anywhere to live, so I gave
    them the keys to your house , but I did tell them they would have to be out
    by next Monday
    Granny n Grandad

  3. Hahaha brilliant! Cant wait to come out and see your house Debs, we could link build from there yeah?

    You still cannot fool us from all the way over there!


  4. Haha you are all right this was an April fool. We tried to get mum by sending a guy from reception to her room to say their room was double booked and they had to leave! Dad didn’t think we were able to do it as it was nearing 12pm so told her about it just a minute before he arrived. Never mind we’ll get her next year!! Xx

  5. Sorry guys, just couldn’t let the day pass without trying to fool you! Hope you’re all well, see you next week x

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