Aloha Waikiki

We arrived in Hawaii yesterday after a six hour flight with Delta. We have gone back another three hours, so we’re all pretty tired. The beach here at The Royal Hawaiian is amazing, we all went swimming in the sea, then to the pool. We had a look on Waikiki Beach walk, got some poke… Continue reading Aloha Waikiki

Peal Harbour

We took a shuttle bus to Pearl Harbour this morning to see the famous USS Arizona Memorial site and museum. I have not seen the film and did not know much about what happened at Pearl Harbour so we opted for the audio tour to learn as much as possible. The tour was narrated by… Continue reading Peal Harbour

Cheesecake Factory

We had another lazy day by the pool today, we did so much yesterday that I could barely move! For this reason I got a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage at the spa which was really painful because of my aching muscles but like magic all pain was gone afterwards 🙂 This evening we did a… Continue reading Cheesecake Factory

Two Days Off

After a very hectic schedule on the cruise ship, we decided it was about time we had a few days off! So yesterday we checked into our new hotel on Waikiki Beach and did very little; we went swimming, ate and slept, and that’s about it, we didn’t even take any photo’s! Today we went… Continue reading Two Days Off