Outrigging on Waikiki Beach

We woke up this morning to another beautiful day in Honolulu, Hawaii. We grabbed some bodyboards and chairs from the hotel reception and headed over to Waikiki Beach. We spent the morning sunbathing, bodyboarding and watching the pro surfers launch past us! Part of the beach has a wall built across to break the waves which creates a pool of still water to paddle in, the waves are ferocious so its nice to have somewhere to take a calm dip!

We had some lunch across the road and then decided to try outrigging; a paddle boat with a stabiliser that acts like a surf board on the waves. There were 8 of us in the boat and we all had to paddle out to sea, then paddle in to catch the waves; it was so much fun, we caught 3 massive waves that sped us back to shore 🙂 We will definitely be doing it again.

We sat out watching the surfers until 6.30pm then realised that a show was starting where we were sitting so we stayed and watched. It turned out to be a hula show with champion dancers. It was really good and taught us a bit about the history of Hawaii.

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