Bye Bye America

We have travelled through 24 US states and 1 Canadian, stayed in 30 different beds and covered over 23,000 miles in the last 9 weeks (including UK flights). We have driven 5,000 miles in 6 different cars, rode 2,500 miles on 2 trains and flown 16,000 miles in 6 planes! No wonder we’re knackered :).… Continue reading Bye Bye America

On the Move Again

I cannot believe we have been here 3 days already, I’m still a bit jet lagged and waking up about 4am (9am UK time which is about right for me)! Anyways, time to leave what has been home for the last few days and onwards with the adventure, well a short taxi ride down the… Continue reading On the Move Again

SeaWorld Orlando

This morning we got up early and went off to SeaWorld, we were very excited when we arrived and saw the new roller coaster Manta (video below), if any of you have been to Alton Towers its a bit like ‘Air’. You are strapped in facing the ground and you fly along like a Manta… Continue reading SeaWorld Orlando

Hello America!

We arrived in Orlando yesterday evening and went straight to bed of course 🙂 So this morning we were up bright and early for breakfast at Denny’s, a diner that sells sausages and bacon with syrup on top. Don’t worry we did not eat this but it was fascinating to see. We then took a… Continue reading Hello America!