On the Move Again

I cannot believe we have been here 3 days already, I’m still a bit jet lagged and waking up about 4am (9am UK time which is about right for me)! Anyways, time to leave what has been home for the last few days and onwards with the adventure, well a short taxi ride down the road to Universal 🙂

You will all be very sad to hear it is raining today, booo! We had planned to chill out by the pool but instead went up to our new room and caught up on some work and changed the theme for our blog to make it a bit prettier, we hope you like! Its now 4pm and we are just about to venture out to City Walk where there are loads of restaurants, bars, shops and a cinema. Will report back later and let you know what we found.

Well City Walk is awesome, like a mini town centre but so much more colourful and child-like. We had something to eat and then went to the IMax theatre to see I am Number Four which we both thought was really good. We bought our tickets for Universals theme parks and knew we had an early start so off to bed we went.

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  1. Haha, It seems that you are having a bit of fun.

    I only want one thing, I want a picture of the flat that appears on Friends (the building where they live), if it´s possible hehe.

    And if the central perk exists I want another picture!!.

    C u guys and I have had this to my favourites.

    ps: Una?

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