SeaWorld Orlando

This morning we got up early and went off to SeaWorld, we were very excited when we arrived and saw the new roller coaster Manta (video below), if any of you have been to Alton Towers its a bit like ‘Air’. You are strapped in facing the ground and you fly along like a Manta Ray. It was up there in the scariest rides I have been on as at one point you nose dive backwards on a vertical drop, ahhhh 🙂

We then went off to the dolphin show which was cool, I love dolphins they are so clever. After this we went to watch the killer whales; we were a little confused as last year Shamu attacked and killed one of the female trainers at SeaWorld so we were surprised he was still there. We then realised that all of the whales are called Shamu! The best thing was that a baby whale was born recently and he was in the show – very cute. The highlight of the day was the Sea Lion show, it was really funny.

We went back to the hotel and got ready to go out, jumped on the I-Ride and headed down the road to a lovely Italian restaurant. After being at SeaWorld all day I was craving some Salmon and luckily they had it on the menu, yum! Paul tucked into a meatball lasagne, we had a few drinks in another bar and then back to bed.

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