Mardi Gras at Universal Studios

Last night we went over to Universal Studios to watch the Mardi Gras Concert and Parade. The floats were really colourful and creative and there were so many of them! Entertainers on the floats threw beads to the crowd while music was pumping out. The whole of Universal Studios was lined with eager onlookers wanting to catch the colourful beads!

After the parade we found some traditional creole rice and beans and some nice cold beers. Lynyrd Skynyrd was playing a concert just over the road so we went and joined the crowds in anticipation to hear the one song we knew by them – Sweet Home Alabama! A few beers later the song came on and it was worth the wait. See video below:


  1. Looks like your off to a flying start , to what will be a brilliant adventure,
    and the start of building lots of wonderful memories for the future.
    Thank you for including us in your `blog`
    G `n` G xxx

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