Pride of America Cruise Ship

Pride of America

We checked out of our hotel this morning and took a short taxi ride to Honolulu’s port to board our cruise ship; NCL’s Pride of America. The ship is pretty big (holds 2,146 passengers) but not quite as big as the one we went on for our honeymoon (NCL Jade). The ship wasn’t due to leave the port until 7pm so we went up to our cabin and got settled in. It’s so nice to be staying in one place for the next week, we have even unpacked our suitcases!

We had a nose around the ship, found the swimming pool and more importantly found the restaurants and bars 🙂 At 6.45pm we went to the sail away party and Paul had an extravagant pineapple cocktail (see below). Later in the evening we had some dinner and watched a comedy show in the Hollywood Theatre, it was quite funny but by then I had had too many vodka’s and was falling asleep in the chair!

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