Aloha Waikiki

We arrived in Hawaii yesterday after a six hour flight with Delta. We have gone back another three hours, so we’re all pretty tired. The beach here at The Royal Hawaiian is amazing, we all went swimming in the sea, then to the pool. We had a look on Waikiki Beach walk, got some poke bowls and rash vests. Paul had to collect food to bring to the room because I was so tired!

Today we went to the Polynesian Culture Centre which was about an hour from Waikiki beach. We stopped at Uncle Bobo’s on the way, a shack on the side of the ride, that served the best food we have had in the US so far! The Culture Centre was made up of several different sections, representing the different Polynesian islands, Hawaii, Tonga, Tahiti, Samoa and Figi. We watched a very funny show in Tonga and a wedding ceremony in Tahiti. Jess and Paul had a ukulele lesson, then we did some leaf weaving to make windmills. Dinner was served in a huge buffet and then we watched Ha, Breath of Fire in the theatre area. It was really good, but again we were so tired, we left half way through the show!

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