Quad Biking near Manuel Antonio

Yesterday we literally did nothing other than sit by the pool, drink cocktails and enjoy the sun. At about 4pm it rained really heavily so we all huddled under the canopy that protected the bar and stayed in the pool until it was dark!

Paul and Chalkie felt like they needed one last adventure so today they booked to go quad biking on the outskirts of the town. They said it was really fun; they crossed rivers, went through forests and saw a waterfall. However towards the end of the trip Chalkie’s quad clonked out so they had to go quite fast to catch up with the group. Chalkie flew off the bike and scraped along the floor ripping a hole in his tshirt. He has cuts and grazes on the right side of his body and it was really painful but he is ok. They got back to hotel about 4pm and joined us at the pool for an hour or so.

This evening we went to a restaurant called Rafaels, the food was mainly fish and was really good. We are leaving early tomorrow morning to catch a flight to Miami so we had a few drinks and went to bed by about 10pm.




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