More digging and a fiesta

We got to work the same time again, we are all aching really badly now and it’s such an effort to get up! Our job today was digging, lots of digging. We finished off yesterday’s trench plus 2 more. I actually really enjoyed digging, there’s something quite therapeutic and satisfying about it. At about 10.30am… Continue reading More digging and a fiesta

I hate bricks

We got up the same time as yesterday and arrived on site again at 7.30am. As we arrived a huge lorry of concrete bricks turned up, some small, some medium and some large. They attempted to reverse the lorry into the driveway so that they could unload directly onto the plot but they couldn’t get… Continue reading I hate bricks

To the building site

Yesterday I really did not think I would make it to work but I did feel a bit better this morning and decided I would go and just not eat anything so I didn’t feel bad! We got up at 5.45am, yes 5.45am and met the others at the corner just after 6.30am. Our home… Continue reading To the building site

Machu Picchu

Today we really got to see Peru and I think it’s the most beautiful country I have ever been to, or maybe tied with Brazil! It’s just so different. We had been looking forward to seeing Machu Picchu because Dad did the Inca Trail charity trek about 6 years ago and we wanted to see… Continue reading Machu Picchu