Hola Costa Rica

Yesterday morning we left Cusco and flew firstly to Lima, then straight to San Jose in Costa Rica. The flight to Lima was fine but the one to San Jose was not good, there was a lot of turbulence and the fact we were flying with Taca Airlines didn’t help!

We picked up our luggage and got a taxi to our hotel called Tryp San Jose Sabana. We got changed and went out for some dinner to a little place called El Pueblo meaning The Town. We ate in a seafood restaurant called Papa Pez which translates do Daddy Fish, the food was great and the Vodka was even better. We were quite tired after travelling all day so went back to the hotel to bed about 11pm.

This morning we woke up to overcast skies and a little rain, we were expecting it to be hot here but apparently they are having some strange weather system, hopefully it will blow over soon. Both the boys were in desperate need of a hair cut so we walked down the road and found a local salon. Although the hairdresser had taken off a lot of hair, neither were particularly overjoyed with the result but they both looked much better in my opinion!

After the hair cuts we found a Movistar shop and Paul bought a new Costa Rican sim card with Internet for his phone as we doubt there will be wifi in our home stays! Me, Em and Chalkie walked to the nearest supermarket and stocked up on some toiletries and we found some real Dairy Milk which I have been craving for weeks, yum! We grabbed a bite to eat at Subway Sandwich and went back to the hotel for a siesta as we were a little tired from travelling the day before.

We got a taxi about 6.30pm to an Asian restaurant in town, the food was really good and as usual we ate far too much! We are getting picked up tomorrow at midday from the airport so we are having an early night to prepare ourselves for the weeks ahead.








  1. What smart boys you are. Rice and Beans Ive heard for the next 2 weeks. Let the work commence. Enjoy the experience. Love to you all xxxx

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