Poker and Cabaret

Although we had quite a few drinks last night, I didn’t sleep too well as I could really feel the movement of the boat and our room panels were creaking! This was excuse enough to stay in bed until midday :). We went up to the buffet and had some lunch, Paul and Chalkie had booked us all in for a Poker tournament at 1.30pm. Me, Paul and Emma all went out on the same round, leaving all our hopes on Chalkie, he was winning quite a few rounds but then lost everything to the same guy we lost to!

Although we knew some of the evenings were formal on the boat, we didn’t realise how formal or how many there would be. Emma and I really only have 1 dress each and the boys have had to hire tuxedos as they didn’t bring a dinner jacket. We hired them this afternoon then went and sat by the pool for a few hours.

We had dinner at 8.30pm, the food is amazing and then went to watch a cabaret show at the boats theatre. We are having an early night and plan to meet at 8.30am for badminton, I’d say it’s doubtful!





  1. Glad you are all having a lovely time. Must say you all look very smart, dressed for dinner. Good excuse to buy a few new dresses girls. Love to you all Mum M xxxx

    1. Yeh but only freestyle cruises where u could wear anything! Not used to this civilised posh dinner stuff but it’s nice xx

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