Kwells all round!

As predicted me and Paul did not make it to badminton this morning but Emma and Chalkie did. The wind was really strong so they had to resort to playing tennis as the shuttlecock kept blowing away! The wind caused the boat to be quite rocky and the swimming pool was going mental; it was like the wave machine at Coral Reef. Me, Paul and Chalkie all had to take some Kwells to take the edge off. We sat by the pool for a while, the ship has a glass roof over the pool that can be opened and closed depending on the weather.

Paul and Chalkie booked in for another Poker tournament today, me and Em decided not to bother after our poor attempt yesterday! Chalkie came in second and won $50, woohoo :).

We are still on our way to Buenos Aires and this is the second and final sea day until we reach our destination. Although it’s great on the boat, we are looking forward to getting off for a while and standing on some solid ground! We found out this evening that we missed some sort of convoy into the port so have to slow down and wait for the next one which means we will not arrive into port until 3pm instead of 9am which is a shame as we won’t get to see as much of Buenos Aires.





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