Tango in Buenos Aires

We arrived into Buenos Aires at 3pm and like a heard of cattle we all shuffled down to the gangway to get off the ship. We got off and jumped on the shuttle bus to the cruise terminal just a few minutes round the corner. When we got there we saw the queue to get back into the terminal and decided to give it a miss as we had a show booked for the evening and didn’t think we’d make it in time. So we got back on the bus and went back to the boat.

We got ready to go out and went to the buffet for a quick meal, our excursion was booked for 7.30pm so we once again got on the shuttle bus and met our tour guide in the cruise terminal. We took a short coach ride to the main city and arrived at the Cafe de Los Angelitos about 8pm. It was such a quaint building, a cafe in the front which went through to a small theatre where the Tango show is performed.

The show was excellent and we got some free beer and wine which was a bonus! The first part of the show was a more traditional style of dance with the women wearing large hats and lace umbrellas and men in their bowler hats. The style then changed to the Argentine Tango we are used to seeing on programs such as Strictly: lots of sparkle, passion and fancy footwork. Overall it was a lovely evening out in the city.

Buenos Aires is very different to Rio, it is more like a European city and many people compare it to Paris. The buildings are much more modern and grand with little cafes dotted around the city, apparently after work everyone goes for a coffee to meet up with friends rather than the local pub. It’s really cute, I wish we were spending more time here.











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  1. Hi to you all,

    Glad you all enjoyed the Dance show. Watch out, cos Dad, Deb and myself are nearly up to that standard now. Ha Ha. Should be, by the time you get back. Lots of love to you all xxxx

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