3 countries in 15 hours

Yesterday we packed our things and grabbed some lunch at the hotel then got a taxi to Mendoza airport about 3pm. We knew it was going to be a long night and were a bit nervous about flying with LAN, a Chilean airline. As you can imagine Emma was pretty nervous and hadn’t slept the night before but it was either this or travel 60 hours on a bus which none of us really wanted to do.

Unfortunately you cannot fly direct from Mendoza to Cusco, we had to fly Mendoza back to Santiago, Santiago to Lima and then Lima to Cusco. The first flight was at 5pm, it was over the Andes and only lasted 35 minutes, we had a spectacular view of the mountains (shown in the pic) and the plane was lovely and new and spacious. Santiago airport was nice, we found a Starbucks and me and Em got a skinny vanilla latte each, the first of the trip!

The second flight was also great, I ate my dinner then slept for the remaining 3 hours :). We arrived in Lima, Peru about 1am local time and were all very tired, we slept in various places for a few hours until our next flight at 5am. Again the last flight was great and only an hour, I slept through until we landed. Someone from the guesthouse we are staying at picked us up within 5 minutes and we were in bed before we knew it :).

Very impressed with LAN, they were so efficient, all our luggage was put on the right planes and came off quickly, the service was better than most UK flights we have been on.



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  1. Glad all your flights turned out to be fine. Must admit, I was a bit worried and was glad to hear that you all arrived safely. Love Mum xx

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