I’m back!

I am out of bed and back in action; I have not appreciated feeling well so much in a long time! I even have an appetite so things must be on the mend. There is not much to report from yesterday as Emma and Chalkie were extremely hungover – they carried on drinking red wine after the wine tour and ended up in the casino and getting to bed about 2am!

We went out for lunch in Mendoza town today to a restaurant called Florentino, it was a really quaint little building, the decor inspired by Spanish tiles and flowers, although they did have some rather strange erotic art on the walls!! It was nice to get outside for a while, we sat under the canopies and enjoyed the food.

We then walked to a nearby park and phoned some wineries to see if we could get on another tour but they were all closed for the weekend. We got a taxi back to the hotel and sat in the cafe and discussed the next part of our journey. We tried to book some flights but the iPad wasn’t working properly so Sebastian at reception booked them for us and checked us in online – great service! We then sat by the pool for an hour or so and I had a little nap.

We met for dinner at 8.30pm and decided to eat in the hotel as I didn’t want to go far in case I started to feel bad again. Paul and Chalkie ordered a goat to share, well not a whole goat but I think it was most of one! It defeated Paul but Chalkie got most of it down!







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  1. Glad to hear Aimi that you are on the mend. I think I know where Chalkie gets the goat eating from. In Turkey at the end of Bayram they slaughter goats and feast on them. A bit like we do with Turkeys. Some Turks gave us Brits some which we had on a BBQ. I was the only one to eat mine!!! Well done Steven is all I will say. I certainly wouldn’t buy it by choice. Anyway, keep enjoying the holiday.

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