Uruguay, Volleyball and a BBQ

After the Gaucho Trip yesterday we all fell asleep and missed dinner! Then we weren’t tired so me and Paul stayed up until 2pm watching Four Weddings and a Funeral. This morning we docked at Montevideo, Uruguay and Em and Chalkie went out into the town to see what was about. However when we met them they said not to bother as there was nothing to see, so instead we found an Internet cafe and phoned people on Skype; it’s very strange not having Internet whenever you want it, we are all very reliant on it and feel a bit detached from the world!

Anyway after being off the ship for an hour or so we decided to get back on and do some exercise as all we have really done so far is eat :). We went up to the top deck to play tennis but it turned out there was a volleyball match scheduled at the same time. Only 2 people had turned up to play so we said we’d join in so they could have a game. We were rubbish and it was just too hot to concentrate so after an hour we gave up.

At about 6pm we saw there was a poolside BBQ being set up so we had an early dinner there and met later to play cards and have a few drinks.








  1. Oh dear Ems, hope that’s not too sore, any mozzies out there? You must be well on your way to the Falklands now, say hello to William if you see him!

    It’s really strange not being able to phone or contact you, have emailed Aim tonight but not sure if you’re receiving them either! Anyway, hope you’re all still having a fab time, speak to you soon. Love to you all xxxx

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