Muir Woods

This afternoon we decided to visit the giant Redwood trees at Muir Woods just across the Golden Gate Bridge, it is a beautiful park with a stream running through and has humungous trees. Paul enjoyed taking photographs and I enjoyed the twinkling sunshine peeping through the treetops. The drive in San Francisco was beautiful, it is by far the greenest city we have visited so far and has a great coastal view over San Francisco Bay.

We have just arrived at our B&B for the night, the most unique place we have stayed so far; it’s a cabana in the owners garden that we found on Airbnb! Their house is huge and they built the cabana for relatives to stay in but now they rent it out as accomodation. It’s like a massive shed with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and balcony, it is really nicely decorated and they left chocolate and bagels for us so we’re very happy!

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  1. Wow! amazing pictures and really cool blue sky.

    You should have got an axe and cut down some of them, they would be good for your patio.

    I think that you can build a whole house with one of those.


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