Monterey Aquarium and a Corn Dog


We left Carmel Valley this morning and headed for San Francisco, we found out the main tourist attraction nearby was the Monterey Bay Aquarium which has homed several great white sharks over the last 6 years. We decide to check it out as it was on the way; there were penguins, otters and a huge glass fronted fish tank, but no great whites unfortunately! The aquarium is located right on the shore so the views out the back were amazing.

We stopped off for some petrol and in the station we found some Corn Dogs! Claire asked us to try one if we could so we bought one and ate it in the car. It is basically a battered sausage, looked awful but tasted pretty good actually, the one we bought had cheese and jalepenos in, yum!


  1. I am loving the corn dog pics! Thanks for trying them, I’m liking the idea of peppers in there too!

    Beautiful pics you have taken at the aquarium too 🙂

    Love Claire xx

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