Today was really fun, we packed in as much as possible as it was our only full day in San Francisco. This morning we drove into Fisherman’s Wharf for our trip to Alcatraz, the rock is just over a mile from the bay so they offer a boat ride as part of the trip. The tour was really interesting and for any of you that were hooked on Prison Break, you will love this trip.

We were given headphones on the way in for the audio tour; you listen to the directions and they explain all about where you are. Lots of the voices on the recording were ex inmates and guards so you really get immersed in the surroundings. We had access to some of the normal cells and the cells on D Block where the disobedient inmates lived, and cells known as ‘the hole’, pitch black rooms where inmates were kept for punishment.

We learned about some of the most famous inmates such as Al Capone and saw the cells where 3 inmates dug holes behind the vents and actually escaped, never to be seen again; you can see where Prison Break got their inspiration! We also learned about the failed attempts which ended in both convicts and guards being killed. It was a really scary place and you can imagine what it was like 60 years ago when the prison was in use, they also run night tours but I would have been terrified 🙂 The scariest thing was that the guards lived on Alcatraz with their wives and children in a small community. Glad my Dad didn’t work there!

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