More digging and a fiesta

We got to work the same time again, we are all aching really badly now and it’s such an effort to get up! Our job today was digging, lots of digging. We finished off yesterday’s trench plus 2 more. I actually really enjoyed digging, there’s something quite therapeutic and satisfying about it. At about 10.30am a digger turned up and we all smiled, but we then realised he was just there to flatten the driveway so a lorry could deliver more materials. As he was digging a snake shot out of the ground, it was red and black, quite small but we all kept our distance just in case. Marvin on the other hand walked straight up to it and chopped its poor head off then buried it in the dirt. From his actions we assumed it was dangerous but didn’t really know what to make of the situation!

For lunch me and Paul were given hamburgers and fresh fruit. I swapped my burger with Chalkie who again had rice and beans which I quite fancied today! The sun had just come out for the first time so we lied on the grass and sunbathed for a while and relaxed our muscles. We are all really motivated in the morning but as soon as we stop for lunch we run out of steam. This afternoon we finished off a few bits but it was really hot so we were in and out of the shade quite a lot to cool off. We saw another snake, a baby this time and I’m guessing not poisonous as Marvin let him live!

Although we are enjoying the work, it is a relief when 2.30pm comes around and we go home. We got on the bus and then walked to the mall where some of us had a sneaky KFC or Burger King! Paul and I grabbed some supplies from the supermarket as tonight Rosa hosted a bit of a party. She was in hospital today having an eye operation so I think she is celebrating that it’s over. Also Linda is leaving tomorrow morning after 5 weeks with them so it was a double celebration fiesta. We had dinner and cake then Kennya and Kimberley got out a huge skipping rope and we played in the road for a while. The 2 dogs Memo and Candy were even allowed out the back yard for the occasion!


















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