Woohoo it’s Friday

Today at work we finished off all the trenches ready for the cement to go in Monday. Sadly it was Nadia and Asma’s last day today and they will be greatly missed. Today was fun, Marvin was much more interactive with us and we all had quite a laugh while we were digging away. I think we all had the Friday feeling and were all looking forward to the weekend in La Fortuna where we’ll see the volcano and try out the famous hot springs.

We left work at 2.30pm, went home to pack our things and said goodbye to our home stay families then we met at the mall to catch a minibus. There is another group of 8 working on another project in San Ramon so we all got the minibus together and compared projects on the way! It took just over 2 hours to get to our hotel, we booked a nice one as we thought we deserved a nice rest after the amount of hard work we have done this past week.

We arrived at the Kokora hotel, checked in and went straight to the restaurant for a snack and some drinks. The resort is beautiful, set in the rainforest with the most fantastic views of the Arenal volcano. The rooms are cute wooden cabins set amongst the vegetation and are pretty big. It’s really different to anywhere else I have stayed. After 2 vodkas I was ready for a good nights sleep, it must have been gone 11pm by the time we got to bed; our latest night in weeks!!











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