I hate bricks

We got up the same time as yesterday and arrived on site again at 7.30am. As we arrived a huge lorry of concrete bricks turned up, some small, some medium and some large. They attempted to reverse the lorry into the driveway so that they could unload directly onto the plot but they couldn’t get the lorry in so they pulled up outside. The 2 men with the lorry unloaded all of the larger bricks onto the ground outside the plot while we unloaded the small and medium ones and took them straight onto the grass passing them in a line.

We were hoping Marvin would leave the bricks out the front but he had other ideas. We formed a line and passed the large bricks from one end to the other. There were over 1000 bricks and it took us the best part of 4 hours to get them all into the garden. It was really hard work but worse it was so repetitive, we were all very thankful when the task was finished.

We stopped for lunch and sat on the grass with our packed lunches made by our home stay mums! Me and Paul got hotdogs and fresh pineapple today while everyone else pretty much had rice and beans again! Marvins wife arrived with some rice pudding for us to try which we polished off quite quickly.

After lunch we started to dig a trench for the new foundations. About 5 minutes in someone joked about hitting a water pipe and within a second Chalkie punctured a hole in it with a pick axe! It was really tiring and we were all glad to leave at 2.30pm to get on the bus.

This evening the 6 of us went to the bar again and had some dinner. We had some tapas style dishes and nachos and the boys ordered 2 yards of beer! Nadia and Asma joined us later after they had been on a coffee plantation tour and had some drinks. We all went home about 9pm to bed as we have another early start tomorrow.














  1. Hi Guys, looks like very hard work to me. When you return, it will make your jobs feel like a walk in the park. Looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks time. Keep up the good work. Lots of love Mum xx

  2. Hello all, its really nice to follow you all on your website.I must say well done to you all,it looks hard work,and hard play.Doing a great job i know you will be looking forward to the well earned rest,after all the hard work.take care all and ill catch you again.lots of love Shirl and Kev.xx

  3. I love the title of this post!
    Sounds like your all working very hard! Keep up the good work 🙂
    Your going to need a holiday at the end of this lol! xx

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