Let the Driving Begin…

We left Miami just after 10am this morning and buckled up for the long drive to Gainesville, Florida (on the Florida Turnpike for most of the journey). The weather was awful at the beginning, the rain was so heavy and the sky so black I was looking around to see if any tornado’s were heading our way as there have been some warnings on the news, but it was OK!

It brightened up later so we decided to stop off at the Showcase of Citrus; a grove off the side of the highway that allows you to pick your own oranges and tangerines. They have a monster truck tour but as we wanted to get to Gainesville before dark we just picked our own. They also had chickens and a beautiful lake on site.

We arrived at our Gainesville hotel stop for the evening at about 6.30pm – the Camellia Rose Inn Bed and Breakfast. We checked into our room and then were greeted downstairs with wine and cheese 🙂 We were going to head out for some dinner but got chatting to the owners Pat  and Tom who were really sweet and we decided to stay in. The B&B is a traditional American style building that they have refurbished very well. Our room, known as their Stardust room is beautiful and has a quaint porch out the front with two rocking chairs and a candle. Its a shame we are only staying one night.

Tom informed us of the Gator Nationals that are taking place tomorrow here in Gainesville; a yearly drag racing competition so I think we are going to head over to watch that in the morning!

Claire, please see the pictures below as proof of us trying Root Beer! Paul says it tastes like deep heat, and being the geek he is he did some research and it turns out both Deep Heat and Root Beer contain Wintergreen oil so that explains it!


  1. Haha! The root beer is in the travel pics! Thanks for trying it guys, I did not imagine it tasting like deep heat though.

    One down, one more thing to try, a corn dog.

    Also, see if you can have a beer (normal one is fine!) from a red plastic cup, like they do in the films at a house party.

    And…..another request, I have always wanted a Chinese takeaway in those little cardboard boxes? Like they do in all of the American programmes. Can you tell I watch a lot of American tv?!

    I love reading all that you both have been doing, feels like we are all there too.

    See y’al soon xx

  2. My Dad used to rub wintergreen ointment on my legs when I had leg ache as a child. Don’t think I want to drink it though.The chicken is a Maran, like ours. (I’m sure that’s why you took the photo). Have you heard about the earthquake in Japan? Have fun and take care.

    Love Mum xx

    1. Hi Haze! I thought it was a Maran so I took the pic for you, yes we have heard about the earthquake and tsunami, very sad. Thanks for all your comments! xx

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