Jet Ski Tour at Bayside

Today we picked up the hire car that’s going to take us all the way to Texas over the next week. We had originally planned to get a Cadillac CTS, but they didn’t have any left, and so they gave us a Mercedes GLK 350 4MATIC instead. It’s not quite as cool, but it should do the job!

After that, we headed over to the Bayside Marketplace near down town Miami, which is an outdoor shopping mall / marina / entertainment venue. There were lots of companies offering boat tours, and boat hire, so we decided to hire a Jet ski for an hour. This was definitely the highlight of our stay in Miami. We got to speed around the harbour, looking at the millionaire homes which back on to Miami bay. We also got to stop for a bit on Monument Island. This is an artificial island that was built in the 1920s, and is only accessible by boat. Miami residents use it throughout the year as a place to relax, and party with friends.

At first the water was quite choppy, and we were taking off as we hit each wave, but then we came to a calmer patch of water and I was really impressed that Aimi managed to get us up to 52 mph when she took over the driving!


  1. This was so much fun, I thought I would hate it but I loved it, even though we did fall in the water while we were stationary!! I don’t think I’ve ever moved so quickly as I did trying to get back on the jet ski 🙂 We saw Jennifer Lopez’s house on Star Island and an $85 million mansion while on the tour! Paul drove most of the way and got up to 52 mph as well.

  2. Hi Ya,

    Maybe you might one day have one of those millionaire homes! Sounds like you had great fun, well done Aims for giving it your best shot. The car looks a bit of a beast anyway. What is the price of fuel out there? Its hit £6 per gallon here. Outrageous.

    Take care the both of you,

    Lots of love Mum xx

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