Gatornationals in Town

We got up this morning and set off for the Gatornationals, the event only takes place once a year in Gainesville so we thought we should go as it was this weekend. Well, I thought Formula 1 was loud, Formula 1 is like a mouse squeaking in comparison to these beastly motors! The ground actually shook as the cars went past, thank you Tom for the ear plugs! The races were only a few seconds long but some of the cars reached 300mph and covered 400m in 4 seconds, it was insane!

We left Gainesville at about 2.30pm and began the long 5 hour drive to Pensacola Beach. We were on the I10 for a very very long time but we kept ourselves entertained with the radio, stopped for a Subway and caught a beautiful sunset. We arrived at the Holiday Inn Express at about 8pm and realised they were an hour behind so we are now 6 hours behind the UK. The hotel is in a great location, a long stretch of land with beach and water either side of the hotel (see map on right). We didn’t realise there would be so much in Pensacola, apparently loads of students are here for Spring Break.

We checked in then went down the road to ‘Crabs we got ’em‘; a fish restaurant with live music and a great atmosphere. The music was right up my street; Bob Marley and UB40 classics! We had some dinner then went back to the hotel to find out more about the earthquake and tsunami in Tokyo.

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