Beautiful Surprise in Pensacola

Pensacola Beach

We woke up early this morning to the sunshine peeping through the curtains, I got up and went over to the balcony and WOW!! Last night when we arrived it was dark so we couldn’t see anything, we are right on the most beautiful beach, as stunning as beaches in the Caribbean. Golden white sand that stretches for miles and clear turquoise sea with the tiniest of waves. I woke Paul up and we went straight out there, Em you will be proud of us we were on the beach and Paul was in the water by 8.30am 🙂 What a wonderful surprise, we had no idea it would be so spectacular.

The sea was freezing but we both got in (evidence below), I was only in for about 3 seconds but it was very refreshing! We laid in the sun for a while and were basically the only people out there so all you could hear was the sound of the waves. We then went over to the pool and had a swim, the pool felt like a bath as the sea was so cold! We have to get on the road again soon so it was a short, sweet morning in the sunshine.


  1. Hey, you two,

    This is torture, I want to be there!!

    That beach looks absolutely amazing…..even better that the Caribbean, although it’s probably a bit warmer there! Good to see you both relaxing and chilled out and obviously enjoying every day with so much to see and do. I asked Dad if we can come and and see you. The answer – a DEFINITE no :(( He said they’ve gone to get away from us, leave them alone!! Ha ha!!

  2. Hey you two!

    Looks like you guys are having the best time! You have done sooo much so far, looking forward to reading what you get up to next!

    Micky & Bruce xxxx

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