Four States in One Day

WW2 Alabama Battleship

We left Pensacola, Florida at lunch time and headed west on the I-10. We arrived in Mobile, Alabama within about an hour and decided to visit the Alabama Battleship Memorial Park; a World War 2 battleship that you can explore inside; Grandad you would have loved it, I will email you more photo’s! They also had the oldest remaining submarine in the world and loads of helicopters and fighter jets (including the Lockheed A12) in an aircraft pavilion. The ship was amazing, we went inside the gun turrets, saw the beds the crew slept in and were allowed to climb all the decks from top to bottom.

We then continued on to Mississippi and stopped off at a gas station so we actually set foot in the state! Finally we drove to New Orleans, Louisiana for our next stay; four states within a few hours!


  1. We can see by your lovely pictures and comments that your making every minute count, what a wonderful album of memories you will be able to make when you come home,(i assume you will be coming home) . Im glad you enjoyed your visit to see a part of ww11 history, and i know that if your schedule allows time in Oaho, and you could make the trip to Pearl to see the `Arizona` you would have seen the remains of the day wwii history was changed.
    We are really enjoying following your journey so keep the photos coming,
    Love Grannie `n` Grandad

  2. I went to Portsmouth last weekend to the Historic Dockyard and saw the HMS Victory, I feel confident in saying the battleship your on looks much more deadly! And its made of metal + has huge guns.

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the Grand Canyon and to hear about how much you won in vegas 😉

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