Lazy Day at the Beach

We were all quite tired again today so had a lazy morning by the pool then spent the afternoon at the beach. The beach was packed and the waves here are violent so I was a bit scared to go in. After the beach we headed back to the hotel and went out for some dinner at La Tratoria – an Italian restaurant just round the corner. The food was amazing.

We have booked a tour of Rio for tomorrow morning so should get to see Sugar Loaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer statue and various other attractions.









  1. Your supposed to eat Brazillian food not Italian. Not sure how this works or if this will arrive. If it does – glad to see you all OK. If you see Pele can you get me his autograph!!!!! Enjoy

  2. Hi all
    Glad you arrived safely, looks like you’ve got off to a flying start, granny said it would
    nice to be young again, but she is sitting here with a big bar of chocolate instead.
    Love Granny and Grandad xx

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