Tour of Rio de Janeiro

We got up early this morning as we had a tour booked, we wanted to see the tourist highlights but also get a view of the city from a local. We found our tour guide Manu on Trip Advisor, he is a Brazilian American who is extremely passionate about his city and knew all the best places to take us. We headed up towards the Christ the Redeemer statue – probably the biggest tourist attraction in the whole of Brazil! He has been running tours since 2006 and estimates he has been up to the statue about 1000 times!

On the way up he took us to a few view points that looked down over the city, the views were spectacular and showed us why Rio is such a popular city to live in. It is definitely the most beautiful city I have ever seen – it has everything a normal city has but is set in the most lush green mountains, surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and islands popping up out of the sea all around. 7% of Rio de Janeiro state is National Park/Rainforest with wildlife (such as Monkeys) up high in the mountains, we saw a family of Monkeys as we were leaving one of the view points.

We made our way to the very top of the statue, it was boiling hot and my feet were burning so we didn’t stay up there too long but we did manage to get some good photo’s. The statue is 30m high and 26m wide set up on the highest point in Rio so it looks over the whole city. At night time they light the statue up so you can always see it on a clear day.

Manu then took us through some of the smaller towns of Rio, we stopped at a famous staircase called Escadaria Selaron in Santa Teresa – a paved street staircase that was transformed by a Chilian artist called Selaron. The story goes that he spent his life searching for a Brazilian woman he fell in love with but never found her so he decided to stay in Rio and put his passion into art of the city. He has collected tiles from countries all around the world and people now send him tiles to add to his masterpiece. We then visited the Lapa arches and the cathedral that was looks nothing like a cathedral but is an extremely famous building due to its strange appearance and clever structure that keeps the air constantly cool inside.

At about 6pm we got a taxi over to Sugar Loaf mountain, a 400m peak that looks over the city. There is a cable car that takes you half way and another that takes you all the way to the peak. We sat at the top while the sun set and watched the whole city light up as the day turned to night. The city looked good in the day but at night it is breathtaking.




















  1. Ahh, you all look so happy and relaxed 🙂

    Night photos look beautiful! Is it smoggy there?

    Well you are all missing out here, it’s been 30 degrees since you left and the government declared a week holiday for all due to the heat, loving it!! 😛

    Seriously though, it looks amazing, hope the flight was ok?!

  2. That’s one statue I do wanna see! Not too sure on the reasoning behind it though?-how old is it?
    Views at night are spectacular!x

  3. Hello lovelies!

    It was great to see and speak to you last night, me and Dad are very envious!

    The photos of Rio are fabulous, think it would be fun to see a video of you all salsa-ing at the carnival! Let that be your challenge!! Looking forward to the hangliding pics!

    Love to you all xxxx

  4. Hi Everyone!

    Pics look amazing, not jel in the slightest…. Cant wait to see a video of you Hang Gliding. EMMA I cannot believe you did it, I will not believe you have done it until I see the evidence!

    Enjoy the Carnival on Sunday, keep the pics coming

    Love Claire xxx

  5. Hi everyone, thanks for your comments!

    Jen – nope isn’t smoggy, just sooooo hot, which I love! Has been amazing here since we first stepped off the plane, and yeh the flight was fine thanks – no drugs involved!! 12 hours did seem like forever but I wanted to get into the sun & out of the snow so much that I didn’t care!

    Claire – I know!!! I was so sure I wasn’t going to do it! Evidence is now up 🙂 I don’t think I would believe it myself if there wasn’t proof!

    Mum – I think we’ll leave the salsa to aim & paul – someone has to take the video!!! 🙂 xx

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