Hiking up the Kelso Dunes

Beautiful View

We left Arizona this morning with snow on the ground and this afternoon we have been hiking up the Kelso Dunes in the Mojave Desert! We are heading down to San Diego so thought we would break up the drive with a nice hike in the sunshine. Well we starting walking up the dunes but soon realised it was much further than it appeared from the car park. We had been walking for about an hour and still weren’t at the peak, the last bit was the hardest exercise I have ever experienced, the gradient was so steep we had to crawl. Paul made it to the top quite a while before me, I even had to lay down at one point as I thought I was going to faint, haha! Who needs the gym 🙂

We both reached the top and the view was spectacular, then we had the job of getting down, I slid most of the way on my bum which was quite fun. We got back on the road and decided to stop over in Barstow, California at a very cheap (ÂŁ30 a night) B&B. There was a cinema round the corner so we watched Red Riding Hood which I very much recommend! That’s all to report today!


  1. Love this last pic of you Aims! Will you 2 stop going to the cinema, lol! Looks and sounds amazing, keep it up! Love x

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