Beautiful Drive to San Diego

We left Barstow this morning and spent the day driving to San Diego, unfortunately we didn’t fit any fun activities in today as it took us until 6pm to get here! We stopped off for some food and went to a Camera shop in La Jolla to look for an underwater camera for Paul. Yesterday at the sand dunes my camera got sand in it so the guy cleaned it up for me, and last week I dropped Paul’s camera on the floor and smashed the filter so we wanted to get that fixed as well.

The drive from Barstow to San Diego was amazing, we went from the vast landscape of the Mojave desert to stunning green hills and even snow on the mountain tops. San Diego is much hillier than we imagined and has whole towns located up in the mountains, it’s really beautiful. We arrived at our hotel on the marina, The Best Western Palm Springs and had some dinner. We met some Dutch guys at the bar and chatted to them for a while over some drinks.


  1. Did you go to the camera shop to get your len’s fixed,and did you see a underwater camera that you liked?

  2. Yes, and yes! We found a camera repair shop who were able to cut off the old filter. I’ve then bought a new filter and I also found an underwater camera – a Panasonic Lumix TS3

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