Dude Where’s my Horse?

We were woken up at 7.15am this morning with some juice delivered to our door, we were booked on the 8.15am horse ride down to breakfast so asked for the wake up call. We got on the horses, Paul’s was called Hank, he was a gorgeous dark brown colour and was well behaved, mine was called Pepsi, she was brown and white but was not so well behaved, she was extremely nosy and kept going off to the side while all the other horses kept in single file. She even tried to gallop off at one point and I had to shout woooaah! There were about 25 of us in total all riding down to eat breakfast which was really cool. There were dear running about the trees and the early morning mist was just settling in the forest, then we got to a breakfast of bacon and eggs out in the open forest!

After breakfast there was a fishing tour at the river about 5 minutes across the ranch, I have not really fished before so we thought we would tag along. The river was beautiful and although we didn’t catch anything we learned how to cast the line and attach sweetcorn to the hook as bait. I really enjoyed it and even went back this afternoon, I fished and Paul swam in the lake and played on the swing rope with the kids 🙂

We have just had an amazing steak dinner at another part of the ranch, they took us there and back on a hay ride (we sit on the side of a flat trailer on the back of a truck). They can get about 30 of us on there at once. We have another horse ride booked for the morning so we are off to bed now.


  1. Hi again!

    The photos at Lake Medina are really lovely of you both, and the video is hilarious, especially you Paul on that rope; if they ever do another Tarzan movie, you are surely the man for the job!! Hank and Pepsi look a bit docile, but that’s probably for the best, don’t want them galloping away with you….now that would have been a funny clip!

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