Quick Stop in Houston and onto the Ranch

After a long drive yesterday, we stopped off for the evening at Days Inn Hotel, Houston Airport. The room only cost us £40 but was huge, had a kitchen and came with free wifi and breakfast, that’s what I call a bargain! We were quite sleepy so settled for a Domino’s Pizza (no way near as good as the UK and no garlic & herb dip?) and watched the League of Extraordinary Gentleman. We woke up this morning and got straight on the road, another 5 hour trip to the Mayan Dude Ranch in Bandera, on the way we picked up a Virgin Mobile 3G dongle so now we even have wifi in the car :).

We arrived at the ranch about 5pm, checked into our room, then went down to the pavilion for Margaritas, beer and nachos. There was a cowboy here with his buffalo, he did a short presentation and let us take photos. We had some dinner (mexican) and met Brian, Annie, Christine and Randy who let us hang out with them for the evening! We then went had marshmallows around a fire, yum! We had too many Margaritas and were in bed by 10pm!

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