A walk along the river in San Antonio, TX

This morning we went for another horse ride around the Mayan ranch in Bandera. The ride took us on a winding path up into the hills around the ranch. The path was really narrow in parts, with trees either side, and at one point Aimi’s horse decided to take her through a tree rather than round it!

After the ride we had to pack our bags and check out of our room. We then had some lunch with our new friends, Brian, Annie, Randy and Christina before saying good bye and getting on the road again for the relatively short drive to San Antonio.

San Antonio is a beautiful city, with plenty of vegetation everywhere. When we were in New Orleans, we had met a guy from Los Angeles called Michael who had told us about some famous “Big Boots” that were in San Antonio. Since we only had one night here we didn’t have too much time to look around, so after finding the big boots for a quick photo opportunity, we decided to go straight for the main tourist attraction in the heart of the city – the river walk. This is a pathway situated one storey below the normal street level, that follows the San Antonio River as it meanders through the city centre. There are shops, cafes and restaurants all along the way. It was Saint Patrick’s day today, which is hugely popular in the US, so you’ll notice lots of people in green clothes! Apparently they also dyed the river green for the occasion.

At about 4:30 pm we checked into our hotel for the night – a beautiful bed and breakfast called the Inn at Craig Place. Amongst the many great things they offer, they have the best complimentary toiletries I have ever seen in a hotel! I’m now sat on the balcony with a cold beer writing this blog. After this we’re going to watch a DVD then go to bed.

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  1. Hey you guys,

    My god it looks like you are having such a wonderful time, I am so jealous. looking forward to see where and what you are doing next. Enjoy every minute.

    Love Laura & Sam x x x x

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