On to Cordoba…

Carlos and his family had to go to a wedding in Cordoba City this evening so this morning we drove for an hour and arrived at our hotel about 11am. Berna asked his friend to meet us and show us around the city as he has lived there most of his life. He took us to a famous mosque that was built during the 9th and 10th centuries that is now a Roman Catholic church. The original design of the mosque is still in place because it is so beautiful that they couldn’t destroy it. The catholics have extended the church in an attempt to make their structures bigger and better than those built by the Muslims.

We also visited the Roman Bridge and a few other churches/buildings and then had some tapas in another local restaurant. I ate much less this time! We went back to the hotel and left the others to get ready. Carlos’s sister Maria joined us and we had a drink in the bar before they went off to the wedding at 9pm. Me and Paul had some tapas in the hotels restaurant then watch X-Factor and a documentary about astronomy from BBC iPlayer! We went to bed about 12pm.

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