La Jolla Cove and Los Angeles

We checked out of the Best Western hotel in San Diego and drove up to La Jolla on the way to Los Angeles. La Jolla is a beautiful cove with a sandy beach and even Sea Lions on the rocks! It also has some historic caves that you can access via kayak tours. One of the caves (Sunny Jim cave) can be accessed through a shop, you pay them $4 to walk down the 145 steps in their man-made tunnel and go right down to sea level. It was a long way back up but the cave was really worth seeing!

We continued on to Los Angeles; Paul drove and I tried to find us somewhere to stay! We have been looking on Airbnb for a while but never actually booked anything so thought we should test it out. Ideally we wanted to stay on the marina and there was a lady advertising a room in her apartment in the exact location we wanted. So we put in a request to stay with her and she accepted! Her name is Dannie, she is the same age as me and also runs an Internet Company. Her apartment is beautiful and overlooks the marina.

Tonight, she took us to her favourite bar in the city; it is the best bar I have ever been to and she knew the people who work there so we didn’t have to pay to get in! The bar is an open air roof terrace on the 12th floor of the Standard hotel with spectacular views of the city. Skyscrapers all around, it was amazing!

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  1. It all looks and sounds fantastic still, the photos above are lovely. I bet the sea lion lying down is the male, looks like the other one is shouting and giving him grief….must be the female!!

    Hope you enjoy LA, the photo of you both with Dannie is really good….hair’s looking good Paul!

    Speak to you soon.

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