Day at the Lodge

Sierra Mountain Lodge Gardens

Happy Birthday Mum 🙂 We stayed at the lodge today because its in such a pretty location and has a cute little river/stream where we could relax and sunbathe. We sat by the river for a while, then came up to our room for lunch. The owner’s cat followed us up and sat with us for the afternoon!

This evening we grabbed some food down the road in Oakhurst then went to the cinema to watch Arthur with Russell Brand. There isn’t much to do in the evenings, we are literally in the middle of nowhere! We are looking forward to rafting on the Merced river tomorrow.

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  1. Thank you, I had a soopa doopa day!

    Love the photo of you sitting in the field with your book Aim, you look like a real country bumpkin, there’s not many pictures of you sitting still! I have left some comments for Paul on Picasa; his photos are brilliant, especially the ones of the waterfall.

    Hope you enjoyed the rafting today, look forward to hearing about it on tomorrow’s update! Toodlepip for now x

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