White water rafting in Puerto Montt

After the penguin tour on Friday, Aimi began to feel unwell so luckily we had two sea days on Saturday and Sunday for her to relax. We had a white water rafting tour booked for this morning but unfortunately Aimi was still not feeling well at all which meant she had to stay in bed and rest (doctors orders). We think she might have caught something off of the waiter on Thursday night as he looked like he should have been in bed.

So the rest of us set off early this morning and had about an hour and a half drive through Puerto Montt to reach the river. Chile is a beautiful country and the scenery when we reached the river was amazing. The volcano in the background was pretty impressive, it’s a shame we didn’t have more time to go and have a better look.

During the drive there we got chatting to a girl on the minibus who turned out to be the acupuncturist on the cruise. There were about 6 other people on the tour too, so the 6 of them were going in one raft and the four of us were going in another.

As our guide was explaining the rules (basically front, back, right back, left back and get down) the nerves returned and I started wondering what I was doing about to get into a tiny raft in a river full of rapids! But luckily I didn’t have much time to think about it as we were pushing the raft onto the water and being told to get in the boat.

The first few minutes were pretty scary and we hit a big wave that filled our wetsuits with freezing cold water. After that I started to relax a bit as we couldn’t get any wetter now! Half way down the river there were swimmer rapids so we were able to jump off the raft and let the water take us. Chalkie & Paul jumped straight out of the boat – I rolled over the side and held on to the rope for a bit and then decided I may as well join them and let go too!

Once the rafting was over we headed to a lodge for some well deserved food. It was obvious that the tour was run by three men as the lunch was pot noodles and dry bread (with cheese and ham paste to spread on if we were brave enough!)

When we got back to the boat, Aimi was still in bed not feeling good 🙁 we had already booked a restaurant for that night so me, Chalkie & Paul went to get some food. We were pretty exhausted from the day so we all then had an early night.








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