Welcome to Miami

Bye Bye Orlando, hello Miami 🙂 So we spent the day on the train (6 hours in total)., I’m not gonna lie it was pretty boring but luckily Paul downloaded Human Planet, Wonders of the Solar System and something about birds in Iraq to keep us occupied for a good few hours!

We arrived in Miami at 7pm, checked into our hotel and went straight out to get some dinner. We found a Sushi bar just round the corner which was really good, I have had a few too many glasses of vino so sorry if my writing is poor! Anyway we are having an early night so we can head down to South Beach tomorrow morning and get some sun – yes it is lovely and hot in Miami, woohoo!


  1. Hi Aimi and Paul,
    I hope you are both having a great time,were you able to sleep on the train or was it just seating?
    What’s on the schedule for the next few days?
    We haven’t started your garden project yet,but i have spoken to Sam about electrics and he is coming around very soon to discuss it!

    Love you both
    Dad x

    1. Hi Dad,

      The seats on Amtrak are pretty big, and you can recline them too. I’d say there are a bit bigger than those on a premium economy flight. We probably could have gone to sleep, but we spent most of the time watching films and chatting. We’re in Miami until the 11th, then we’re starting our drive to Texas! We’ll call you soon to catch up.


  2. I’m not jealous at all that you’re on the beach in Miami and I’m in England in the cold!!! 🙂 Sounds like we’ll have lots of catching up to do with the tan by the time we get there then!!

    Looks like you’re having a fab time so far, I feel like I’m travelling with you when I read this so keep writing lots!

    Speak to you soon xxx

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