Mud Buggies and Waterfall Trip

Jumping in Waterfall

This morning we got up early to meet our buggy guide Eric on the shore at 6.30am. There were only 6 of us on the trip so we got chatting to the others on the bus quite quickly. We arrived at the buggy station and got changed into cargo trousers, t-shirts, helmets, googles and me and Paul got a bandana each to be extra covered up! We got into the buggies and followed Eric out to the track, each buggy has 2 seats so Paul drove and I enjoyed the views!

It was really fun but really muddy, we were splashing through huge puddles, skidding round corners and being hit by trees. We reached speeds of about 40 mph and watched as Eric chased chickens out of our way on his quad bike! The views of the mountains were gorgeous and we stopped at the top to get a 360 degree view of the island. We then stopped at a small waterfall and had to walk through a bamboo forest to reach it, we also saw fern that sleeps (closes up) when you touch it.

Eric was such a character, he sounded just like Jack Black and had the same playful sense of humour. He played jokes on us all morning and was a great fun to be around, me and Paul were giggling the whole time. Half way through the trip we stopped at another waterfall with a large pool at the bottom, we all got into our swimwear and jumped in from the rocks. It was freezing but we were so dirty from the mud we didn’t care! It was a beautiful place, we had some lunch and there was a little black cat that looked just like Scarlett when she was a kitten that I shared my turkey sandwich with 🙂

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