It’s all gone Pete Tong!!

After a lovely few days in Angra dos Reis, we all felt nice and relaxed and so Saturday morning we went off to the beach again to find a space to sit. We must have only been there 30 minutes, we were in and out of the water taking it in turns to sit with the bags then all of a sudden Emma’s bag was gone 🙁 we have no idea how it happened and nobody around us saw anything, so both their phones, bank cards, camera all gone.

We then spent the evening at the tourist police reporting the theft and waiting for them to fill in the paperwork. While we were there we were told that loads of people had reported the exact same thing. Then this morning Paul got a text to say it looked like his debit card had been compromised so he called the bank and it turns out it has been cloned at a cash point. We are not having a great 24 hours!

We were booked to go and see a favela this morning (shanty town) but after what has happened we decided to stay in and watch the Lion King 🙂







  1. ooh god so sorry to hear the news about your bag and all your stuff . cant beleive it.
    If can do anything to help this end steve just let me know . pray it gets better for you
    much love to aall xxx

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