Hula and Lei Making Lessons

Ribbon Lei

Last night we went to a quiz and then watched a comedy show, Paul had a few too many beers so was suffering this morning! We are docked at Kona today but did not get off the ship as it was docked out at sea and the tender boats were transporting the guests to and from the shore. We fancied a lazy day so had some breakfast and sat by the pool for most of it.

This afternoon I went to a hula dance class where we learned some of the traditional Hawaiian songs and hula moves, there were lots of us in the class and it was really fun. Afterwards we learned how to weave ribbons into a lei, it took us a while to get the hang of it but we both managed to finish them. We watched a Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons tribute band at the theatre in the evening and had an early night.


  1. Aloha you two lucky people,what a wonderful wonderful time you
    are having, the cruise really was the best way to see what Hawaii
    has to offer. I looked for Kona but could only find Kono, but then
    my map could be the odd week or two out of date.
    Grannie `n` Grandad

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