Hoover Dam Tour

Hoover Dam

We left Las Vegas this morning and Paul decided he’d had enough of the underpowered Nissan, so we stopped off at Hertz and traded it in for a Mustang! As we are dropping the car in California we had limited choice so may change it in again once we get to San Diego. We then headed for the Hoover Dam on the Nevada/Arizona border which is a 200m tall dam they built to control the flow of the Colorado river and generate electricity for up to 2 million homes. It was very impressive and they have just built a huge bypass next to it to help the flow of traffic. We took a tour of the plant where they generate the electricity and went all the way to the base in a lift to see the original diversion tunnels.

We had some lunch then got back on the road towards Peach Springs, Arizona. I was very sleepy today so had a kip in the car for an hour while Paul drove, we got on the historical Route 66  for the first time which was cool and it was the first time we drove for about 30 miles without seeing a town. We arrived at Hualapai Lodge at 5.30pm; it is in the middle of nowhere, we don’t even have phone signal! We checked in and had some dinner, it is only 9pm but we are going to bed as we have to be up at 7am tomorrow for rafting.

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  1. Hi Kid’s
    Looks like you are having a great time, i think you have a great choice motor vehicle.
    The Mustang is definitely the best car to drive down Route 66, what are her vital statistics.
    Mustang do a 3.7 a 5.o and a 5.4 litre supercharged v8.
    What’s next son is the Chevrolet “Corvette Stingray” or ” Camaro” i think they do them in a 7.o litre version.

    Dad xx

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