Driving in New York, ahhhh!

We got up this morning and got ready for zip lining, but then got a phone call to say it had been cancelled because thunder and lighting was on its way. We decided to get on the road since we were up so drove straight to New York City via Connecticut. As we got to Manhattan I was very glad Paul was driving, New York is mental! Angry drivers trying to ram each other of the road, pedestrians running across the road for their lives and a very tuneful orchestra of car horns!

We found the car park for our hotel, checked in and had a quick bite to eat. We then got on the metro to the Rockefeller Centre to do some shopping. Paul found a Diesel store so we spent quite a while in there, we walked up to Central Park and took some nice pictures of the city. We had walked quite a way so got the bus then metro back to our hotel.

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